…The Strip

Anyone native to Pittsburgh knows the city’s vibrant Strip District.  For anyone reading this blog and not familiar with the Steel City, The Strip District is Pittsburgh’s historic market district with many ethnic food purveyors, as well as unique boutiques and restaurants setting up shop where trains once delivered produce by the ton.  Shops and street vendors sell everything from sausage and kimchi to handmade pottery and Steelers gear.  The Strip is arguably one of Pittsburgh’s most fascinating places to visit.  On the weekends, people from all ethnic and social classes can be found on the crowded sidewalks.  To learn more about the Strip District, visit Neighbors in the Strip, the home site of the area’s local non-profit organization.

…This Blog

This blog aims to highlight this neighborhood’s diversity by featuring recipes inspired by ALL of the Strip’s various food vendors – refer to links for places to shop and follow along.  Cooking the Strip features straightforward recipes in an easy-to-follow way, in hopes that readers of this blog will join me in my adventure – fearlessly cooking and tasting new things, and exploring different cultures without having to leave your kitchen!

…The Author

Aimee is a proud resident of Pittsburgh’s Strip District with a serious passion for home cooking.  She has finally returned to Pittsburgh after stints in Ohio, Italy, New York, and New Jersey.  She decided to create this blog to showcase Pittsburgh’s cultural diversity, as well as to challenge herself, and hopefully others, to try new recipes –  everything from classic Italian, to spicy Korean food to delicious desserts.  She believes that the best food is made from scratch, and is made even better when enjoyed with those you care about.