July Link Love

First things first.  Today is my Dad’s birthday!  I know he doesn’t like a lot of attention, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Summer is in full-swing.  If you’re like 99% of the population in this city, you’re looking to spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially because the weather here has been so awesome lately!  (I really hope I don’t jinx it by writing it in this post.)  Here, Pittsburgh Magazine highlights the ‘Burgh’s best beer gardens.  For dining al fresco, Pop City provides this guide.  There’s also a new bar on the North Shore that has outdoor seating, and allows you to order food from other restaurants menus.  What are your favorite outdoor spots in Pittsburgh?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Pittsburgh’s latest “Renaissance” – recently the Post Gazette published a couple articles describing some of the newest plans for downtown.  A new upscale hotel, more residential units, and a steakhouse are coming to Downtown, while PNC is working to restore the historic splendor of the former Lord & Taylor Building.  And the first steps toward reconnecting the Hill District to Downtown are in the works. Finally, the Cultural District is getting cool new bike racks designed by local artists – and you can help choose which design it will be by voting for your favorite here!

I’m proud to be an adventurous eater – and so I love all sorts of ethnic cuisine. When I read that Istanbul Grille’s downtown location risked being closed to expand the next-door 7-Eleven, it made me upset.  I don’t know about you, but I’d choose unique (and affordable!) Turkish takeout over an expanded convenience-store any day!  If you share in this attitude, throw them some support on their Facebook page.

And speaking of ethnic foods, has anyone been to Lydiah’s downtown?  This article was the first I’ve heard of it… It’s a bit of a trek from my office to make it a regular lunch spot, but I’m curious enough that I’ll have to try it out sometime soon.

That’s all for this month’s links… I really let it go down to the wire on this one didn’t I?  …We are moving into our new home on August 15th, so hopefully I’ll be more diligent with my blog posts after the dust settles!


2 thoughts on “July Link Love

  1. I hope your dad had a fab birthday! My favorite outdoor spot is Nicky’s Thai Kitchen on the North Shore. I love that it feels like a little retreat in the city. We also enjoy sitting outside at Andora’s in Sewickley. The patio there is beautiful and huge.

    I love ethnic food, too. I have not tried either of those spots. I hate to see quality, inexpensive, delicious food leave for big box stores.

  2. Hello,

    Someone just turned me on to your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook (also a blog). I’m so excited to look through your blog. Denise

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