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I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll never complain about a three day weekend, but I am especially excited for this weekend and the upcoming Pens-Bruins series.  ..For those of you who don’t know, my husband is from Rhode Island and is a fan of all teams Boston. This leads to a lot of good-natured rivalry and heckling. We have been hoping for our hockey teams to meet in the playoffs and now it’s going to happen!

This month’s links cover more Pittsburgh sports (as always), questions about how welcoming Pittsburgh is, drinking local, and branching out when buying fish.

In addition to the Penguins recent success, the Buccos are looking great!  Will this be the year we get our winning season?!  Either way, I’ll always root for my hometown team.   Keep it up Bucs!

I attended my first Pittsburgh Riverhounds game last weekend, and was thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm of the Steel Army (the official fan club).  If you haven’t yet been to the new Highmark Stadium, I encourage you to go.  The talented team is very fun to watch, ticket prices are very affordable, and the stadium has a view of downtown that rivals PNC Park.  Because there was no info about concessions on their website, I wasn’t sure what to expect for food and drink – vending machines? – but I am happy to report that the stadium also has a nice indoor space with a legit menu and bar!

To follow up on one of my earlier links… Pop City Media reports that while Pittsburgh has a reputation for being very friendly, we may not necessarily be very welcoming to newcomers. How is this possible?!  I can tell you when I returned to Pittsburgh about a year ago, people were very welcoming – chatting to us at random events we’d attend, inviting us out for drinks or parties. It was MUCH appreciated, especially for my husband who did not grow up here. We’re doing our best to pay it forward to newcomers we meet.

But according to another tidbit on the web, apparently we are very welcoming to visitors.  They particularly enjoy our hotels, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and the fun things to do in the Cultural District.

One thing that is definitely not welcoming:  The slope of these streets!  Two Pittsburgh streets are on Google’s list of the world’s steepest streets.  Yikes!

A few things things on local booze.
1.  How did Wigle’s Ginever not make this list?  I may be slightly biased, but I think it’s delicious.  My husband thinks it’s great and he doesn’t even like gin!
2.  A new rum distiller is poised to open in the Strip’s eastern fringe.  This should be an excellent addition to our many local breweries, vodka, whiskey, and kombucha.
3.  If you’re reading this blog from areas north of Pittsburgh, I encourage you to check out Beaver Brewing Company, a new nanobrewery coming soon to Beaver Falls.

A group of local ‘Burghers hope to create an urban outdoor space where, for a small monthly fee, just about anyone can gather with friends, fire up the barbecue and throw down a game of horseshoes.  This is so hipster (I love it).

Chef Sarah Jenkins recently wrote a piece encouraging diners to experiment with unfamiliar fish.  In addition to eating new types of fish at restaurants, I’d also add that it might be fun to experiment with cooking different types of fish!  Next time you’re shopping at Wholey’s or Penn Avenue Fish Company, grab something new to try!

That’s all for this month!  Hopefully next month I’ll have some Stanley Cup bragging rights!  Let’s Go Pens!!!



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